As time goes by most of our favourite belongings, already worn out by the use, are often left behind and forgotten. If only they could talk, they would certainly tell us stories and recall those experiences they lived at our side.

Despite wear and tear, many of these bags still retain enough energy and strong character to silently wish being objects of desire, thus reviving past moments of happiness and glamour… It seems they want to be reworked with ‘haute couture’ before taking part again of the most luxury scenarios.

In Japan, recomposing broken porcelain plates and objects with precious metals enhances the value of original pieces. Similarly, Alfredo Velasco uses daily life items – wristwatches, brooches, piano keyboards, etc. - as suturing elements to recreate old fashioned bags. These elements are also an expression of user’s distinctive personality.

Alfredo Velasco’s recreation is, in other words, a revival of ancient, neglected but still strong-character objects.   

Wearing Alfredo Velasco’s recreated bags in your parties, events, films, or scenographies implies acknowledging the charm of scars, understanding the exclusivity of imperfections. You will shine more brightly than ever with historic and unique pieces.

Bags and artwork selling

Alfredo Velasco’s bags and pieces are unique, outstanding expression of Arts. Get your Alfredo’s bag to nicely enhance and complete your outfit, decorate your home, or make a luxury and exclusive gift. If you decide to buy a bag for a friend, please inform on the destination address so we can arrange a timely delivery. Every bag is supplied within a painting frame. Don’t hesitate to ask for prices or make your orders through the contact email included in this web.

Bags, artwork renting and scenography

You may include Alfredo Velasco’s recreations in your events, productions and parties. Our renting team will do their best to guarantee that our bags or artistic pieces are delivered on time. Please also inform us on your new creative projects and incipient ideas, so that we will help you to elaborate them further and enhance their artistic and visual impact.

Bags and objects personalisation

Don’t you think it’s a nice and lovely idea to transform and personalize your grandmother’s old bag? Send this bag to our workshop, as we can recreate it according to your (or your grandmother’s) hobbies and preferences. Your grandma will not believe it!

Fill in our Questionnaire and let’s start your bag ‘recreation’!


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Environmentally friendly

Alfredo Velasco’s recreations are aligned with European sustainability challenges, especially those aiming eco-innovation and resources efficiency targets. Recovering and utilising ancient and neglected objects are ecologically responsible activities that contribute to raise social awareness on the rational use of materials. In this respect, every product has been evaluated according to its sustainability impact.

Alfredo Velasco’s activity has been included in the European project ‘Public Participation in Developing a Common Framework for Assessment and Management of Sustainable Innovation’, funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration under grant agreement no 612113.